Millions of people around the world lack access to clean drinking water. Even many of those who do enjoy this access are at risk from the carcinogenic by-products that form due to the addition of excessive chlorine in the disinfection process in centralized treatment plants. Our copper-releasing electrochemical disinfection (CuRED) technology provides low-cost, energy-efficient, point-of-use disinfection for drinking water, which overcomes hurdles associated with conventional centralized water treatment systems, such as microbial contamination due to leakages in pipes and disinfection by-products (DBPs), and can be easily retrofitted onto existing water distribution systems. Using our novel patent-pending reactor, our bench-scale prototypes have successfully achieved over 5-log inactivation of indicator bacteria and are being tested for higher performance values. 

The bench-scale Cured prototype, designed to be retrofitted in line with existing pipe systems



The system demonstrated 5-log reduction (99.999% inactivation)  of E. coli and consistent performance even after hours of continuous operation


In the Pipeline: LEEFT

Another technology that is currently being developed by us is Locally-Enhanced Electric Field Treatment (LEEFT), which uses nanowire-modified copper electrodes to generate strong localized electric fields using minimal current for pathogen inactivation. With its minimal power requirement, LEEFT can potentially be powered using the energy of the flowing water itself!

LEEFT deployed in pipelines and cross-section of a pipe with a nanowire-modified electrode


LEEFT combined with a turbine electric generator


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